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Sure!  You can update your package whenever you like.  When packages are updated, changes will apply to any live and drafted events.  This gives you the flexibility to take advantage of the many features available within the packages.  If you downgrade, changes will only apply to events created after the update

Yes!  Within our packages, fees will never be charged to free tickets.  We only charge fees on paid tickets and fees vary depending on package type.  Organizers with free events should fee free to use the Tixster platform without worry of paying for anything

Here at Tixster, our pricing is based solely on your package selection.  Currently we only support the United States and USD.  Within the United States, our Standard pricing is 2% + $.79 per paid ticket and Plus pricing is 3% + $1.59 per paid ticket.  All of our packages charge no fees on free tickets.

When using Tixster’s payment platform, you have the option to “absorb” your fees or pass them along to ticket buyers.  When “absorbing” fees, they are collected through ticketing revenue.  Most organizers that pass fees along to their buyers pay nothing out of pocket and collect the full ticket amount.

A ticket type is a specific combination of name, price, and availability created by you to increase demand or appeal to different audiences.  For example, an event with “General Admission – Early Bird”, “General Admission – Regular”, and “VIP” has three ticket types

Great question!  These “essentials” are things we deem necessary to help you successfully execute an event.  These essentials include a mobile-optimized event page, general admission ticketing, a summary reporting dashboard, exportable attendee data, and on-site check-in via our IOS/Android apps.

Each time you create a ticketing or registration page, you’ll have the opportunity in your settings to mark the event as “Public” or “Private.”  If your event is marked as “Private”, it won’t be listed among the events on Tixster or shared with any partner sites.  If you mark it “Public” it’ll be listed on both to help you reach as many buyers as possible.

Most organizers use Tixster Payment Processing within the platform.  It helps with streamlining use of our tools and features while also increasing conversion rate.  We also offer Paypal as an option depending on payment processing preference.